Axe Bat Short Trainer powered by Driveline Baseball

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Axe Bat Short Trainer powered by Driveline

You asked for it, we delivered. The Short Trainer is a 28"/31oz alloy 2-5/8" bat that can be used with a live pitch! It is developed to help improve posture, barrel control and swing sequencing. The short length, with the heavy weight of the bat helps you get a better feel for how your body and barrel move in the swing. Perfect for all ages of hitters and teams. 

  • 28" in length, 31 ounces in weight, 2-5/8" Alloy barrel
  • Can be used vs live pitching
  • Short training bat (28”) for developing posture, height adjustability, letting the ball get deep, barrel awareness and targeting swing flaws; heavy weight and short length of bat helps you get a better feel for how your body and barrel move together during the swing
  • Provides immediate feedback for how to move more efficiently, and forces you to generate bat speed from the ground up, using the bigger muscles in your legs and hips
  • Comes with 12 weeks of guided training programs (6 weeks in-season, 6 weeks out-of-season / beginner and advanced) from Driveline Baseball
  • Nine different illustrated drills with detailed descriptions explaining how to perform each routine correctly
  • Patented Axe™ Handle provides a more stable grip, so you can swing faster with more control
  • 2-5/8” alloy barrel
  • Recommended for youth, BBCOR, high school, and college hitters
  • 120-day limited warranty
  • This item is not a 30-Day Challenge item
  • Model: L183H

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