Axe OPS Bat Pack

  • $139.99 CAD

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The new Axe™ OPS Bat Pack covers all the bases. Designed for maximum space, it easily holds two bats, shoes, helmet, fielding glove, and batting gloves. Neoprene bat holders on either side secure bats in a vertical position. In all, there are five zippered compartments, and another seven dedicated pouches (five internal) for storing everything from your water bottle to mobile phone. The OPS Bat Pack is also water resistant.

More subtle design elements show an attention to detail. The handle piece, for example, features a foam insert sewn into the grip, while the J-style fence hooks tuck neatly into sleeves on the shoulder straps when not in use.

  • Universal neoprene bat sleeves hold two bats securely
  • Shoe compartment keeps dirt away from other cargo
  • Fence hooks and velcro glove keeper for easy access in the dugout
  • Holds two bats, shoes, helmet, fielding glove, and batting gloves with ease
  • Separate pockets for sunglasses, mobile phone, laptop/tablet, and keys
  • Heavy duty J-style fence hooks
  • Black/Silver/Gray/White

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